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About the Repository of Dangerous Things (a.k.a. FAQ)

So... what is the R.D.T.?

The Repository of Dangerous Things is a virtually-unknown government location which exists to store every dangerous thing in the world. Or at least the ones it can get a hold of. On the surface, you'd think this is patently ridiculous. However, the R.D.T. is of impossible construction and scope... yet can be maintained by Ms. Harper (the curator), Davis (the intern), Mr. Tavlin (the off-site official manager), and Golem (a golem). Helping and hindering their jobs (and lives) are a whole array of Dangerous Things. Some are more mobile than others. Many make appearances in the strips, but the Self-Guided Tour exists to give the curious visitor a peek at some of the Things for which there simply isn't room in the comic.

When do you update?

I don't, anymore. Maybe one day I'll come back to it.

Tell me a little about yourself.

Well, I'm a girl, firstly. I have a bachelor's degree in sociology and social science, secondary education (which means I am a qualified teacher). Currently, however, I'm working for a university and also earning a master's degree in educational technology. I have a couple of cats and a shared dog, a sister, a mother who never sees me so she spoils me when she gets the chance, a stepdad who lets her, a boyfriend who spoils me when I let him, and I'm generally pretty busy. When I am not strictly busy I am busily lazy. I like to chew on things such as gum or plastic.

How did you think up the comic?

It honestly isn't a very interesting story. The idea was just there one day. I didn't actually start drawing the comic until a few years later. The more I drew it, the better I got. Thankfully. :D

How do you make the comic?

The sketch is hand drawn with pencils, pens, or whatever is handy. I use a lightbox to create a nicely inked version. Currently, I use a brush pen to ink. I then color most of the comic with Prismacolor art markers. Large "blank" areas, such as walls, I color using layers, fills, and filters in Adobe Photoshop... it just looks nicer and saves me money on markers. I also add the borders and speech balloons in Adobe. I once wrote an article about how I make a comic, Stripping it Down. It's more about thought processes than art, though.

Why are the earliest seven or eight comics so bad?

Because I'm a better artist now. Heh. I could go back and re-draw some of the old strips, but I like to show the strip's improvement. Improvement! Is goot!

Can I use your characters or drawings on something of my own?

Only as long as you give me credit for them. You may use them for AIM or forum icons all you want, but please don't attempt to claim credit for my work. Do not create derivative works (i.e. spin-offs) of my creation for distribution - I dearly love getting fan art and other submissions, though. If you have a webcomic, cameos and such are fine too! I just want to know about them so I can link you. Spread the love! I have also let others use my characters for large projects, for instance in The NonStandard Assembly (currently unavailable), but be very very certain to get my permission first! I just don't want to see my ideas stolen or abused. I'm really a very nice person....

What's your policy on guest comics?

I welcome anything that y'all might send me! However, it may seem kind of pointless now, considering I don't update the comic any more. I suppose if I get some more guest art, I'll put it up on the Fan Art page, but I don't know that many people visit here any longer.

Will you draw me a picture/guest comic?

At this time, no, I do not take art requests, so please don't ask. My time is limited. I will quite often do guest comics for other webcomics, but if I don't feel like I'll be able to give you something of very good quality, I might turn you down. I often do gift art for people because I enjoy their webcomic or whatever, but I don't have the time to just give pictures to people for free. It never hurts to ask, but don't feel bad if I say no.

Will you link to me?

I don't really do that any more. I can't be bothered to keep up with it, when I don't even update the comic itself anymore.

How can I contact you (say, if I have a question, problem, or suggestion)?

I'm pretty easy to get a hold of. (Keep in mind that sometimes I'm slow to answer e-mail, if I'm busy.) You can e-mail me,  and sometimes I'm on AIM as "skoolmunkee." (And if you IM me to hit on me, you're going to be blocked!)

2002-2004 Amanda Hardy