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The Repository

The Repository of Dangerous Things itself (because it is very much a character all its own) is probably the most enigmatic element of the entire cast. (And that's really saying something.) Who knows what manner of things are stored inside its endless halls? And just how big is it? Davis is probably more intimidated by the thought of the R.D.T. itself than by the sum of all its contents. And rightly so.

Annabelle Harper

Ms. Harper runs the R.D.T., and she's quite serious about her job. She has some strange personality quirks, and no one is brave enough to ask her about them. She can be pretty intimidating when she wants to be. Ms. Harper isn't unfriendly all of the time, just when she is busy and there is work to do. Which is really all the time, during working hours. She drives Davis crazy on purpose, although she seems to have a little soft spot for him.

Davis Wilkins

Davis is the lowly underpaid intern. The things he'll do for 3 credits. The internal construction of the R.D.T. baffles him, and he likes to wander the halls between tasks. He's fairly genial, but Ms. Harper puts him on edge, and he tends to call her "Ms. Harpy" when she can't hear him. Davis is new, and hasn't yet learned to think before he messes with the things he finds. He's getting better the longer he works there, though.

The Golem

The Golem has no name, or rather, it is simply called Golem. It was given to the R.D.T. under strange and mysterious conditions, and is supposed to be filed in room J102. Ms. Harper finds it to be a cost-effective (meaning free) security tool. Davis, however, just thinks Golem is frickin' cool. It also lifts heavy things, and Davis wants to borrow Golem to help him move next summer, but Ms. Harper says no.

Mr. Tavlin

Ms. Harper's reluctant boss. He's a government man whose primary job is entirely unrelated to the Repository. Blame budget cutbacks. He is frequently frustrated by all the problems that the R.D.T. seems to cause. He spends half his time trying not to get involved at all, and the other half trying to control every aspect of the R.D.T. to prevent some unforeseeable (but probable) disaster.

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