BuzzAwards at buzzComix

Outstanding Environment
Essentially the Outstanding Environment award was based on website design, navigation, newsposts, update regularity, author interaction, and the super-fly extras a comic has to offer. So I won an award for everything but my comic. :D Ha ha! (Not like I'm gonna give it back or anything...)


Featured Comic at Drunk Duck

Featured Comic
Featured comics are basically the ones that more than one of the super-secret-identity reviewers like enough to write glowing comments about. Honestly the R.D.T. is among some esteemed company in the Featured Comic respect- there have been some really excellent comics featured over there. (Click on the award to read the reviews.)


Evil Empire Awards at Drunk Duck

Most Original
These weren't "official" Drunk Duck awards, but it was run within Drunk Duck, by Drunk Duckers, for Drunk Duck comics. Essentially comics were nominated, and finalists were voted upon. I'm a weenar! Hoho, "Most Original" awards are always the best. They make me feel so creative. Like a big creative princess of creativity. And monsters. I like monsters too.