Feed your Zen.

-The R. D. T.-
Dead leaves brush against brick:
a grim sight greets their arrival,
the door left ajar.

Women are dangerous,
subtle and tricksome:
smile when you speak.

A boy looked at as candy,
might be taken as such:
a hungry stomach rumbles.

A heart of stone can be soft:
one frightening to behold,
loves one more terrifying.

A furrowed forehead,
eyebrows brought together in thought:
stress must be avoided.

A commanding presence,
intimidates in any form:
even small victories are sweet.

A pair of bright buttons,
stare into your heart:
a smile beckons.

Several darting eyes:
sudden scurrying footsteps,
then a swift bite.
-Monkey Deathbots-
Red lights in shadows:
many bodies of metal,
devouring flesh.

As tentacles writhe,
panic grips their souls:
a single tear falls.

Use your head or lose it:
a cure for an aching brain,
is a pain in the ass.

-Wandering Laurie-
A wandering hand,
finds more than wandering feet:
a journey eagerly begun.

-Mama Zora-
A crafty mind,
in a well crafted body:
loving hands hurt the most.

-Red O'Malley-
A flip-flop covers a foot,
but cannot protect the mind:
always choose banana.

-Nerf Slugs-
A single squeak cries out,
the helpless flail in the dark:
justice is not deaf.



This is the kind of thing that happens around RDT at Halloween.


Ooo... costumes! Davis, Phil, And an eerily good Tavlin...