RDT Halloween Quiz 1 - How much fun are you on Halloween?

1. It's time to make your costume. What do you dress up as?
A ghost.
A gravedigger, and I bring a ghost.
Richard Simmons.

2. Accessorize!
A ghost, I already told you.
Some jewelry and fancy makeup.
An invisible person on a leash pretending to be a dog.
Real horns and a real tail.

3. So what is your activity for the night?
Trick-or-Treating. Mm, candy!
A night out with just my girl/boyfriend. Mm, candy!
Roaming around the neighborhood wreaking havoc.
A big party, everyone's invited.


4. Someone does something to you that you don't like. You decide to play a
trick on them. What is it?
Tying them to Phil.
Pushing them into The Pit.
Unleashing Geneviť on them.
Putting arachnomice in their kitchen.


5. You and someone else decide to take a little adventure. What do you do?
Sit outside Death's Door and knock back and forth with the things on the
Other Side.
Skinny dipping in the flooded basement, Tentacula be darned.
Roam the RDT's hallways without a flashlight or map.
Play hide-and-seek in some of the less dangerous rooms.

6. Halloween should be:
Cute and fun, like Shaedoll being ornery.
Thrilling, like a good headless Davis chase.
Horrifying, like tzitzimime leaping at you.
Deadly, like Ms. Harper in a bad mood.


7. You come across a group of cute, young trick-or-treaters. What do you do?
Give them some candy, duh. Real candy, not Dangerous Candy. They're just

Exclaim over their costumes and give them a candy apple Mama Zora made just
for them.

Sit them around the Portable Campfire and tell them the true story of
Ichabod Crane, getting his preserved head to tell the good bits.

Send a monkey deathbot to stalk them all night.

8. You're going down a dark hallway and you see a faint, moving light ahead.
What's your reaction?
Stay the heck away from it.
Go a little closer, but if it always stays the same distance away, I'll go
do something else.

Run right after it! Woo!
Run right for it, but yelling and waving a knife.

9. Golem has corralled you by the collar- way to go. What do you do?
Apologize and say things like "I should have known better."
Wriggle and wave your feet around, feeling indignant.
Thank him profusely.
Hope he doesn't pound you to mush for what you've done.

10. Well, the fun's over. How are you gonna clean up the mess?
A vacuum cleaner.
I dunno, but I hope there's a way to bring someone back from the dead.
I'll have to use the Head Regenerator.
Someone's gonna have to hire a work crew.