The Repository of Dangerous Things

Impossible Trivia (ĦEs muy bueno!)

You probably won't know the answers, because I haven't bothered to tell you most of these things. (That's what Impossible Trivia is all about, right?) If your perception is sharp and you can make a few good intuitive guesses, however, you might do okay... maybe.

1) What city is the Repository of Dangerous Things located in?
a) London
b) Pittsburgh
c) Boston
d) Even Amanda doesn't know

2) What city is The Golem from?
a) Prague
b) Geneva
c) Dresden
d) Jerusalem

3) What sport does Davis compete in at college?
a) basketball
b) lacrosse
c) extreme drinking
d) wrestling

4) What is Mr. Tavlin's favorite movie?
a) Spartacus
b) Saving Private Ryan
c) The Fox and the Hound
d) Say Anything

5) Why is Mr. Tavlin in supervisory charge of the R. D. T.?
a) out of a sense of duty to his government and country
b) because of his distinguished service in the Vietnam War
c) he called in a favor to get a second paycheck for little work
d) he is the only one who can wholly infuriate Ms. Harper

6) Why is Ms. Harper in direct charge of the R. D. T.?
a) CIA reassignment
b) both as a punishment and as a favor
c) it's the only place to keep track of her
d) she just sort of put herself in charge

7) How does Ms. Harper know where everything in the R. D. T. is?
a) she just loves her work like that
b) she has a 90% eidetic (photographic) memory
c) she had to reorganize all the files when she got there
d) there is a complex but methodical formula for filing

8) What does Ms. Harper feed her pet fish?
a) beta flakes
b) corn flakes
c) doesn't
d) raw meat

9) What is the MOST dangerous room in the R. D. T.?
a) The Hall of Ideas
b) The Germ Depository
c) The Corset Closet
d) The boiler room

10) How the heck does the R. D. T. hold so much stuff?
a) architectural trickery and obsessively efficient organization
b) taps into the vast forgotten network of sub-chambers under the city
c) employs a pocket dimensional generator
d) elves, seriously