The Repository of Dangerous Things

Impossible Trivia (°Un juego magnifico!)

You probably won't know the answers, because I haven't bothered to tell you most of these things. (That's what Impossible Trivia is all about, right?) If your perception is sharp and you can make a few good intuitive guesses, however, you might do okay... maybe.

1) Which is not true about the trap-mouth mackerel of San Luis?
a) it is worth more than Canada
b) the governor lost his hand to it
c) it was the first item in the R.D.T.
d) it is alive

2) Which character is not a "cameo" character?
a) Laurie
b) Geneviť du Aix
c) Patton
d) the aspirin djinn

3) What is Davis's declared major?
a) business
b) history
c) kinesiology
d) political science

4) What is Mr. Tavlin's middle name?
a) Matthew
b) Mountain Hazard
c) Bartholomew
d) S, like Harry S Truman

5) Who funded the tour room titled Christianity's Folly?
a) the Pope
b) Albert Einstein
c) Cambridge University
d) the Illuminati

6) What is the only animal Ms. Harper fears?
a) emu
b) gorilla
c) dromedary camel
d) sea cucumber

7) What is Phil's deepest, darkest secret?
a) He once had two legs, and named them Diane and Murphy
b) He is allergic to insects
c) He can't sweat so he spritzes himself to pretend
d) He built a secret lair in the Pornography Room

8) What is Ms. Harper's favorite plant?
a) Venus fly trap
b) orchid
c) the kind that leaves her alone
d) man-eating jungle flower

9) Which character helped excavate the tomb of Ramses II in 1913?
a) Ms. Harper
b) Golem
c) Dr. Mordecai J. Quincey
d) a group of spiderrodents

10) Approximately how many non-corporeal beings reside in the R.D.T.?
a) several dozen
b) 666
c) 5,030
d) 17,210