Which R. D. T. Character Are You?
1. Describe yourself.

2. What's your opinion on work?
I don't work.
There's too much of it.
It's what I have to do to pay the bills.
It's an important responsibility.
I just do what they tell me to. Usually.

3. How well do other people get along with you?
Most people like me.
Most people don't like me.
Most people ignore me.
I don't know. I don't really care.
They think I'm weird, or are scared of me.

4. You come across a new and possibly dangerous thing. What do you do?
Figure out what it is, and deal with it appropriately.
Stare at it.
Play with it.
Add it to your collection.
Back away from it.

5. It appears that there is an intruder in the basement... what do you do?
Send someone after him.
Leave him be - The Box will get him.
Go after him myself, to stop him.
Go after him myself, to warn him about The Box.
Go after him myself, but only because someone else told me to.

6. Davis is:
A headache.
A terrible accident waiting to happen.
A terrible, amusing accident waiting to happen.

7. On Friday night:
I hang out by myself, doing whatever it is that I do.
I hang out with friends, planning all kinds of ruckus.
Stay at home and have Family Night.
I'm still at work.
Well, if my girl/boy friend isn't in the mood, I go to a party with friends.

8. Do you use a map when you go adventuring?
No, I have a good sense of direction.
No, I know where everything is anyway.
I'd love a map, but I'd probably get lost anyway.
I try not to go anywhere complex enough to need a map.
I wait where I am and let interesting things come to me.

9. If you could leave right now on a trip to anywhere....
Fort Lauderdale.
Disney World.
Wherever you're going.
I don't like trips.

10. If you really wanted to hurt someone....
Steal their cat for a week.
Cut them down with my caustic wit.
Whatever the hell thing can think up.
I don't ever want to hurt anyone bad enough to actually do it.