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This page really came around because honestly, I have thought of so many Dangerous Things, I could not possibly ever fit them into the comic. Yet, I don't want to banish them to the dark recesses of my brain, either. Thus, this is going to be a somewhat independent area of the site. The comic itself is largely about what goes on in the R.D.T. - but I think this section will give some huge insight and entertainment about what's really inside. Heh. Things that appear in the actual comic will still be in the Danger Showcase.

These pages will be periodically updated, I'm hoping at least once a week. New stuff will be clearly marked!

I've had a few questions about this already, so here's a brief F.A.Q.:

1) How come only some of the rooms are open? Because this is a lot of work! I want each entry to have a picture and a description, so that means writing and drawing. Trust me, I have items for all of the rooms. A great big list on my hard drive (and even backed up)! You'll just have to be patient and keep coming back. Rest assured that I will clearly point out any new rooms or items. I'll probably even create more rooms eventually.

2) I have a good idea for a Dangerous Thing! Well then, by all means, send it to me! I can make no guarantees that I'll use it, but I welcome any and all ideas. I have no real criteria, but I'd like it to be based at least a little bit in reality. The quirkier and odder the better, but I'm not a big fan of total randomness. A little bit of reality makes even the unbelievable seem believable. If I do use it, you'll be credited. I'm no thief.

3) Can I draw a picture of a Thing? Yes, of course! It's another form of fan art, isn't it? (Again, you'll be credited.) One caveat: Since this is a Feature Area of my site, I will hold the art to a certain standard. I'm understanding of beginning artists, but I do like to keep the quality of my site's major content relatively high. I'd like to keep things at least semi-professional looking. Color, if possible, or strong ink work. No preference on the style or creation method. For instance, I use art markers - but you can color it digitally or with pencils or whatnot.

4) OK, but I don't know what to draw. Well, you can draw your own Thing that you've thought of (run it by me first so you know it will go on the page). If you can't think of a Thing, then e-mail me. I have a big list, remember? I won't just hand it over to you (gotta keep some things to myself for the sake of pleasant surprises!) but you can give me an interest area (like the Courtyard if you like drawing plants), or tell me some of your strong drawing points. For instance if you're good at drawing people but not at angular things like books or bookshelves, then I'll give you some people-thing suggestions. If you can draw cars, then for the love of God, you're welcome to the entire Cursed Garage.

5) What if I have an idea for a Thing, but the room is already done? The room is never done. Beauty, eh?

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