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What is the Repository of Dangerous Things?

Quite simply, the R.D.T. is a defunct webcomic. I loved it and all, but I had other things to do (and was running out of ideas), but I've left it online here for people to read, should they desire. The Extras section, particularly, has some pretty bizarre things.

This year I had RDT get involved in the Crossover Wars, a large-scale series of interconnected stories spanning across webcomics. It wasn't much involvement but it was something. :) Check out the current page, which was provided by fesworks of Jenny Everywhere! Click on the thumbnail to view the image and past CW images and links. :)


My other webcomic, What I Learned Today, is also over! Sorry. I did a 10-11 page story for Drunk Duck's 3rd Anthology, but who knows when that will print. It's been almost 2 years already? I could put it up but I'm lazy.

I'm trying to start another webcomic called Made-Up Stories, I will probably update this page with a link to it when I've actually started it. However I am lazy (as previously stated) so who knows when that will happen.

At any rate, if you've wandered here, please read and enjoy! And just think, you won't have the worry and trouble of keeping up with it or remembering which day it updates!


The Repository of Dangerous Things is hosted on The Freehold, a free webhosting service for the creative internet community. (And has been for years! I'm so lucky!)

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Before I ended RDT, I decided to have a massive "give-away" of all the dangerous things from the comic, to ensure that all the cool things that people loved from the comic got a longer lifetime than I could give them. Also it sounded like fun. I can't be bothered to keep track of them any longer, but really, if you want to use something, go ahead- just give me credit and a link back for them. (Don't worry about about using something someone else has already claimed- who cares about that?)