Halloween 2003

The challenge was to create and give me anything related to the RDT and to Halloween. I told that whomever made the thing that delighted me the most would win, but really, I was planning on everyone winning. I can't tell people no! Especially not when they are giving me cool stuff. So here are the entries I got:
  • A series of Zen-ish RDT poems... calm blue ocean....

  • An RDT-cutout photograph comic. Hee hee being mean to Davis is funny! (Squeak!)

  • RDT Halloween costumes! Now you can be irritated like Mr. Tavlin! (Or scary like Phil!)

  • An actual Little Davey doll! Iee! I want it! And yes it does make me wonder...

  • A "WarCraft" screen-cap comic. HA ha ha Davis is the little one. XD Oh no! Monkey deathbots!

  • Golem, Incognito! This awesome fan art answers, what did Golem dress up as for Halloween....?